Temasek Hall Dance Production 2014

THDP was a blast! It’s an annual dance production by Temasek Hall, and this year it’s titled “For the First Time”. It’s kind of true for me because its the first time I’m dancing!


We had a photo shoot for the programme booklet!

Group shot for our kpop item
We were supposed to do a “family photo” for our hip hop item! Ferron and I were the “babies”! I kinda failed at it but whoa, this Ferron can totally pull it off (Y)
Whoa this Ferron, 100 marks
Swag yo!
One of our “family portraits”
Looking all serious…
Whoops NG!


It was so fun having so many friends dancing together with me on stage! There was no stage fright at all, just pure enjoyment and bliss 🙂


THDP was such an awesome experience!

Even though hours and hours were spent on practicing, even though we danced every single day during recess week, even though we danced till the wee hours in the morning, even though we danced till our knees hurt, the experience we ultimately gained is priceless 🙂

Photo credits: TH Multimedia


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