Just… Eating


The feeling of exhilaration when you know your final exams will end in a week’s time. The 3-month holiday that comes after that is just pure bliss. THREE MONTHS. A legit holiday where you are spared from homework, revision, school activities, absolutely nothing. Welcome to university (Y)


Ajisen Ramen Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street #01-01 S(188021)

I ordered the $13.90 Ramen Set! For the price of $13.90, you get: 1 bowl of ramen + 1 side dish + 1 drink; quite worth it if you’re comparing prices among the Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Good service too; we went around closing time but they didn’t appear irritated or anything, and when I went to foot the bill the Indian service crew member even said “thank you” to me in Chinese, so cute hehehe!


Unglam eating erhem erhem



I usually buy crepes from level 2 of Bugis Street but today I decided to try the stall at level 1, and the verdict… *drumrolls* Its just as delicious! 🙂 I bought Choco Banana ($3.90) by the way. The waiting time for both stalls is about the same though; there are always people queuing up to buy for either stall!



“I Got You”, an original by Jason Chen for World Intellectual Property Day 2014 (which was yesterday and his live performance at Bugis Junction was awesome by the way <3). It’s such a sweeeeeeeet song, perfect for those who wanna confess HAHA (Y)


And oh by the way, brace yourselves because Bugis Street has gone ONLINE!!! This is awesome news because you can now shop for cheap and trendy clothes at the comfort of your own home if you don’t have time to go down to Bugis Street! 🙂 Yay!


Photos taken by minyee, edited by me 🙂


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