Allergic to Panadol Cold?!

Out of all possible allergies, I found out last week that I’m allergic to Panadol Cold! Panadol has always been my number 1 choice (not that I love to eat it) whenever I feel unwell, but what now after my body has decided to become allergic to it? No more Panadol 😩

The story goes like this. It started from my runny nose.

Here’s a breakdown of what I ate to cure myself:
Sunday night = 1 tablet
Monday morning = 2 tablets
Monday evening = 2 tablets
A few hours later = GOLDFISH EYES

I could literally FEEL and SEE the swollen parts when I looked down, and it was so irritating urgh. But SJ was so sweet to stay with me for the next few hours, putting chilled spoons and forks and chopsticks (because I didn’t have an ice pack, until jes the saviour appeared!! Thanks jes!) on my eyes to ease the swell =p

And that day, unfortunately… Was my birthday.

Well, I spent my birthday being sick and grumpy but I really enjoyed all the surprises etc. my hall mates and friends did for me! You guys know who you are, love you all ❀

IMG_7215 IMG_7251

Went to UHC the next day like a zombie (luckily my eyes weren’t so swollen already) and spent the whole afternoon there… Not forgetting to take a selfie hahaha

The doctor was pretty irritated by my unclear replies (told her I had body ache all over, she asked which part, I said I don’t know hahaha) but I found her to be pretty sweet actually! She kept asking me to take care of myself and be careful before I left the consultation room.


I got 2 days of MC from the doctor, which turned my 3-day school week into a 1-day school week =p Effectively spent the rest of the week getting my well-deserved (or not?) rest and enjoying the comfort of my bed.

I’m more or less recovered and ready to start sweat it out at the squash courts and irritate my friends with my singing! Till then 🙂


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