Be yourself


I love to dress feminine. I like to apply make up, wear cute dresses and skirts (polkadots and heart shapes omg). My favourite colour is pink.

But that being said, my personality is the far from that.

I eat with no manners (glam version below, unglam version can only be seen when you’re with me in real life hehehe),

IMG_3305 IMG_3306 IMG_3307
sit with no manners, and walk with no manners. I don’t even try to be more demure when I’m wearing skirts because I know I’m protected by my trusty FBTs =p

I like to take unglam (or scary you may call them) photos,
IMG_5328 IMG_7110 IMG_7174
and haunt my friends on snapchat or whatsapp with my occasional “doed-eye photos” (thats my pretty cousin beside me ^^).


IMG_6125 IMG_5378 IMG_7600

I always send audio recordings of my menacing laughter or intentional weird singing, yawn without covering my mouth, and swing my squash racket with no mercy (disclaimer: accidentally, not purposely) during trainings (sorry if you’re one of those who’ve been hit by me…).

Having said all these, while I may not be an ideal version of what someone else might expect me to be, I believe in being myself.

Don’t conform to expectations if you feel that it’s going to make you unhappy. You live for yourself, not others. But I’m not saying that you should disregard possibly well-meaning advices and insist on your own ways. If you think changing can make you better as a person, do it! This change will make you AND the people around you happier.

That happiness will exude from within you.

Never ever change to make others happy, and only others happy.

Always be yourself, because there will always be someone who can appreciate you for who you are! 🙂


Okay la I’m not always unglam okay!


Photo credits: Minyee, one of them who can appreciate me for my craziness ❤
IMG_7482 IMG_7473 IMG_7476



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