My week in photos

This week has been kind of depressing because my mac suddenly died on me T.T

Although it’s still covered under warranty, the hard disk has to be replaced and all data will not be recovered. I’m relieved that at least I backed up my computer until recently, and that all my school-related stuff are saved in Dropbox. If not, I might just faint on the spot thinking about all the design projects that I’ve spent days and nights on…

I feel so helpless without my computer around, my Illustrator, my Premiere Pro, my Dreamweaver, all the Adobe softwares… Can’t live without them T.T

I’m currently using my friend’s laptop while my mac’s being resuscitated, thanks Jake!


Anyway~ Dion and I prepared a (self-proclaimed) wonderful birthday surprise for our dear friend Ngan!IMG_8425

1. Balloon bursting
We put rolled up papers with alphabets written on them into balloons. Ngan had to burst the balloons and piece those alphabets together. The answer is “Surprise!”, which is kind of lame =p

2. Instagram facts
We made her post 21 facts of us on Instagram (on the spot) before she could receive her last present.

3. Frozen cards
We laminated the cards we had made for Ngan and froze them. She had to wait quite awhile before she could read those cards =p

Hope you enjoyed the surprise Ngan ❤

Sharon stitched a cute bunny for me! I loveeeee it ❤bunny

I covered 爱我别走 (Love me, don’t go) by 张震岳 🙂 This is one of the NG scenes hahaha

Watch the full video here:

I went for Halloween Horror Nights 4 at Universal Studios and I must say that it’s really worth the money!!!

Halloween night with the B-blockers!! 😁😁

A post shared by Y O K E Z 叶 玉 棂 🐣 (@yokezofficial) on

It’s our lucky day because there was no queue at all and we finished all the haunted houses in a breeze. We also had time to take a couple of rides. The mummy ride was even more shiok, NO QUEUE AT ALL; the only “waiting time” was the time taken to walk from the entrance to the roller coaster 🙂


I screamed until I had sore throat (lol) at the first 2 haunted houses, and I didn’t even get to see the props and actors inside because I shut my eyes throughout =p

Here’s a remark by my friend, “You spend money go USS close eyes might as well sleep!”IMG_8424IMG_8423

I probably became immune to the scaring because for the next 2 haunted houses, I actually opened my eyes throughout and LAUGHED my way through the whole thing. I guess exposure to fear can help you conquer your fear? 以毒攻毒 🙂

Wohoo USS was fun!! 👻 #HNN4

A post shared by Y O K E Z 叶 玉 棂 🐣 (@yokezofficial) on

Swag yo! 👻 But i scream until no voice liao 😫 #HHN4

A post shared by Y O K E Z 叶 玉 棂 🐣 (@yokezofficial) on

A selfie with the mascot for Sparkz 2014, a university wide-talent show in NUS!

That’s it for this week, have a great week ahead guys! 🙂


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