WIDDU – Acting demure

Never trust photos.

I like to dress feminine but I am not demure (read my post on “Being Yourself”)! Sorry to dash your hopes wahaha =p

Here’s a cutesy outfit I wore for school the other day! The top is actually a bandage dress which was too short to be worn on its own (didn’t try before buying it, oops) so I paired it with a polkadot skirt.

2014-11-01 03.10.38

2014-11-01 03.12.08

2014-11-01 03.12.24

2014-11-01 03.12.43

Photos taken by Shu Jun, my loyal (or forced to be) photographer ❤

WIDDU, which stands for When I Do Dress Up, is a category for me to showcase the outfits that I wear on the rare days where I do dress up. I usually show up in class half-awake with a bare fare, clad in tee-shirt, shorts, and slippers, you see.


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