WIDDU – Speech outfit?

Here’s the not-so-formal outfit that I wore for my persuasive speech (for the module GEM2027 Introduction to Public Speaking).

Some of my classmates wore formal attire (like white tops with black a-line skirts) but I didn’t have such attire in my wardrobe :/ Moreover, it felt suitable for the context of my speech so I went ahead with it!

By the way, the pillow and stack of papers were just props hehehe2014-11-05 00.44.202014-11-05 00.00.012014-11-04 23.58.05 2014-11-04 23.58.22 2014-11-04 23.58.33 2014-11-04 23.58.44 2014-11-05 00.00.18 2014-11-05 00.03.47

Photos taken by Shu Jun, who’s always entertained by me although I keep pestering her to take my photos haha ❤

WIDDU, which stands for When I Do Dress Up, is a category for me to showcase the outfits that I wear on the rare days where I do dress up. I usually show up in class half-awake with a bare fare, clad in tee-shirt, shorts, and slippers, you see.


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