My week in photos

HELLO EGG YOKES! How have your week been? Mine’s the usual, rushing assignments and projects >< The deadlines are coming up soon though; this means that I’ll get my freedom soon yay! I promise to post more often on my youtube channel after I’m done with all my projects and exams alright! 🙂

As usual, here’s an Instagram sum-up of my week!

A selfie in Dion’s room while waiting for her to come back and have dinner with me~ I haven’t had any food that day, so she told me to grab some snacks from her room first =p Such a sweet burden (our pet names hahaha)

Random NG scene yet again, I like to laugh like a weirdo at my NG scenes =p

Okay so this is how I look like when I try to act shy 😳 #likeadisgusting

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Finally met up with this 美女! Next date after exams kay ❤

Re-stringed my racket and of course i chose the colour… 😜😃 #pink

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Got my squash racket re-stringed and obviously, I got the colour pink =p

Squash time~~ 😃😃😃 Squashing at 1am is nothing extraordinary when you live in hall 😂

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Okay final spam, heres showing off all my pink gear 😂😂 Pink makes me so happy 👍 #obsessed #siao

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#tgif Happy Friday all!!! 😁

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Dinner – my first meal of the day.

First meal of the day~ Aiyo my diet 😫 #yokezeats

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I having been going on a diet (unknowingly) these few weeks, eating my first meal late in the day (like dinner) :/ I’m not intentionally going on a diet by the way (got no motivation for that), my erratic eating schedule in the recent weeks has been caused by the countless deadlines I have to meet.

I have never expected myself to one day be in this situation because well umm, I’m quite a lazy person. This semester, however, has not given me the chance to be lazy because my modules are continual-assessment-based.

Exam or CA-based modules?

If you’re pondering whether exam-based or CA-based modules would be more suitable for you, here’s my personal experience. When I took exam-based modules previously, I could slack off for the whole semester and just study a few days before mid terms or finals (which took up a substantial % of the final grade). Those huge exams would more-or-less determine the grades for the semester.

For this semester (in which I’m taking CA-based modules), however, my grades are determined by weekly assignments and projects. No chance to slack off oh man (technically you can, just don’t submit those assignments, but I bet your lecturer/tutor will start showing some concern for you lol)…

I don’t want to sound like a psycho but as compared to exam-based modules, I actually like the business generated from assessment-based modules. It’s an excellent way to keep you consistent in your work. I actually feel that I’ve learnt something concrete this semester and that my education has been made more meaningful…

Disclaimer: The above is the perspective of a somewhat lazy person. If you’re a mugger then it might not be accurate since no matter what kind of modules you take, you’ll study anyway hahaha

Starbucks cheesecake and frappuccino at 1am in the morning while editing the video for my group project. Not guilty =p 

2 ways of asking the question “What should I sing for my next cover?” Disgusting VS Agitated

1⃣ Disgusting version of "What song should I cover next?" 😂

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How do I look with purple hair (this photo is filtered by the way, I have brown hair)? I’ve been wanting to get purplish brown hair for a long time but every time I try to dye my hair, it doesn’t work out! I probably have to go to a salon to get it professionally done haha

And finally… A message (true message at the end of the video) to my assignments and homework. 

Translation: I’m willing (x3) to give up my life for you


That’s all for this week, see you next week lovelies ❤


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20-year-old freelance wedding singer and Communications and New Media undergraduate from Singapore. I spend my free time exploring new places, making music, doodling, doing puzzles, playing squash, eating good food and lazing on the couch.

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