WIDDU – Casual Friday!

Here’s a casual outfit I wore on Friday when I went shopping with my darling Weikher (muacks love you) – a mint crop top plus black skorts~ Skorts are great when you feel like wearing a skirt but still want to be able to move around freely (well umm I’m not very ladylike)! 2014-11-07 03.33.55 Here’s me striking weird poses and not feeling guilty. 2014-11-07 03.36.14 2014-11-07 03.36.31 2014-11-07 03.36.462014-11-07 03.38.50 And here’s the other side of me being like: 2014-11-07 03.41.15 I’ve been browsing through all my photos and I realise there’re so many dumb but kinda funny poses I made wahahaha. I think I could make comic strips out of them next time =p Photo credits to shujun ❤

About WIDDU WIDDU, which stands for When I DDress Up, is a category for me to showcase the outfits that I wear on the rare days where I do dress up. I usually show up in class half-awake with a bare fare, clad in tee-shirt, shorts, and slippers, you see.


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