My week in photos

Hi all!! I can’t believe its the end of week 13 (the final week of NUS’s semester) already, time flies… This semester have been more busy but definitely more fulfilling! Currently working on my 60th and final assignment for the semester. Woo I can do it!

Here’s an Instagram sum up of my week!

It brightens up my day whenever I receive exam welfare packs from my sweet friends! 🙂

You say no need post but I'll still post because I love posting photos 😜 Thanks for the exam welfare pack 😘 I will 吃饱饱!

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A sum up of all my assignments for the semester~ 59 completed, 1 more 20-page report to go!

Had lunch at Hwangs the other day with Jiaxin ❤ It’s been so long since I had lunch (haha) and Korean food! I really miss the Samgyupsal, Bingsu, Bibimbap etc. in Korea ahhh

Post-lecture lunch date with @xinxinnnn 😁 It's been so long since I had lunch (lolol) ☺️ #yokezeats

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Tada! Korean hot plate lunch~ 😍

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Omg optical illusion, my legs look longer than usual here 😂 #cheapthrillsofashortperson #yokezootd

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Here’s a photo with my tutor and group mates! GEM2027 Introduction to Public Speaking has been a really fun module, take it if you’re looking for an arts GEM module at NUS!

Fried food all day long~ At least I'm not skipping my meals already hahaha 😂 #yokezeats

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A short cover of 城里的月光 by 許美靜~ I’ll probably be doing a full cover after exams!

Yay I'm actually going to have lunch today! Haha anyway here's a short cover of 城里的月光~ #cover #singstagram #15secondcover

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Out with the ly-family – lily, belly, molly, sally ^^ 😍

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YAY LONG LEGS! 😃 #angleproblem #perksofashortperson

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Yummy food at Table Manners 🙂 Will be writing about it soon 🙂

Yummy dessert at Table Manners just now~ The food and service there is so good 👍 #yokezeats

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I love getting “couple” stuff with minyee! Couple necklaces, bracelets, clothes, etc etc. 🙂

Got ourselves couple bracelets again! 😘

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Decked in black and white today~ 🙆 Enjoyed a fun day out with my darlings 😊 #yokezootd

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It’s been quite a while since I went out and I was so excited to see that all the Christmas decorations are up already! Any suggestions on what Christmas songs I should cover this year? 🙂

Christmas mood ❄️ Thinking of what x'mas song to cover this year..

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Haven't gone out for awhile and now all the christmas deco are out 😍😍 👭

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A snippet of my latest cover! All of Me by John Legend~

New song cover will be up in 30 minutes! Featuring shu jun my bestie hahahah 👭

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Watch the full video:

I really like this photo taken of me during my Sparkz 2015 audition 🙂 I look so demure don’t I? HAHA

Okay that’s all for now! See you guys next week ❤


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20-year-old freelance wedding singer and Communications and New Media undergraduate from Singapore. I spend my free time exploring new places, making music, doodling, doing puzzles, playing squash, eating good food and lazing on the couch.

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