Yoke Ling (叶玉棂), also known as Yokez, is an independent Singaporean singer-songwriter and keyboardist.

Yokez received the ABRSM Certificate of Distinction in Grade 8 Piano when she was 15, and taught herself to play the guitar and ukulele when she was 18. She started posting videos on YouTube in 2013, mostly singing with her own guitar or keyboard accompaniment.

She was a mentee in the 2014 [The Stage @ Jericho’s: VOYAGE!] Music Mentorship Programme, which featured experienced professionals from the music industry, such as Nathan Hartono, The Summer State, Jerry Ng and Vanessa Faith.

In 2015, she received recognition for her original work,《不再哭泣》(“Stop Crying”). The song, which was her first completed composition and submission for a song-writing competition, emerged top 10 over more than 100 submitted entries in the 17th XQRJ Regional Chinese Songwriting Competition. Another of her original,《想爱你的冲动》(“An Urge to Love You”), also emerged top 10 in the 19th season of the competition.


In 2016, she emerged 1st runner-up in the Solo Category of SAFRA The Ultimate Voice 2016, an annual nationwide singing competition.

SAFRA The Ultimate Voice 2016

She also emerged 1st runner-up in Hear Me Sing, Singapore’s largest online Chinese singing competition.

Click here for a full list of her past works/accolades.

Whats On?
Yokez is currently an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore. She majors in Communications and New Media. Other than posting songs and video logs on her YouTube channel, she also shares snippets of her life on her blog.

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